Our Wines

Perfection is attained by slow degrees; it requires the hand of time.Voltaire (French philosopher and writer. 1694-1778)

Our goal is perfection; perhaps more so, the pursuit of perfection. We really care about what we do and we work hard each year to achieve an improving product.

Our approach to wine-making is based on a seminal belief that wine is a natural, breathing product, bearing all the hallmarks of the unique conditions of each vintage. We believe vintage variation is to be embraced, not ‘engineered out’ in the laboratory that is the winery. We let the grapes – trunks, cordons, canes, leaves and fruit – tell us what they need. Everyday we are amongst the vines closely inspecting their progress and condition, and responding accordingly.

Of course, wine-making involves intervention. But we keep that as minimal as possible. Small teams of experienced pickers harvest our fruit by hand, choosing only ripe, clean fruit. The grapes arrive at the winery virtually ready to go. In the winery, our focus is on bringing out the inherent characters of the season’s fruit to be a genuine reflection of the clones, the soil and the climate. We intervene only enough to ensure we achieve our benchmark of quality.